Fireworks took place at 9:15 p.m. Sunday, July 5 in Rehoboth Beach. Presented by Main Street and Zambelli Internationale, this spectacular display was launched from the beach and was visible up and down the boardwalk and shoreline. The Annual Main Street Fireworks Display was funded entirely through donations from Rehoboth Beach citizens and area businesses. To donate, log onto  #GiveWhereYouLive!   

Pictured are:

Front row: Amanda Ryan, REALTOR® and her daughter, Morgan Ryan.

Second row: Jessica Shomper, Administrative Assistant; Sarah Taylor, Rental Agent; Gina Butler Venables, Rental Agent; Kristina Lingo, Rental Agent; Kelsey Barry, REALTOR®

Third row: Rachel Ribeiro, Rental Agent; Luanne Lawrence, Executive Assistant;  Cheryl Crowe, REALTOR®; Camilla Conlon, REALTOR®

Forth row:  Erin Stasi, Marketing Coordinator and REALTOR®; Rick Monkman, REALTOR®; Michael Rodriguez, REALTOR®; Charlie Helmer, REALTOR®; and Randy Mason, REALTOR®

Lingo Fireworks 2015