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Our Rehoboth Beach rental department is proud to announce that Mindi Carter, REALTOR®, and Sarah Davis, REALTOR®, finished 2020 as our office's top rental agents! Last year, Mindi earned the title of "Top Agent in Gross Commission Income", while Sarah finished the year as "Agent with the Highest Increase from 2019 to 2020 in Gross Commission Income." 

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by Glenn Rolfe for Delaware State News

REHOBOTH BEACH — There was no wave of mass humanity along the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk on Super Bowl Sunday.

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We are proud to sponsor the 30th Annual Lewes Polar Bear Plunge! The event will be entirely virtual, allowing participants to bring the beach to their own backyards. This year's polar bears will be able to select their own methods for conducting the plunge as well as choose the temperature of the water.

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Lindsay Dare Shoop is an Olympic gold medalist, coach, author, and speaker. She is a three-time World Champion, a five-time World Cup medalist, and a National Rowing Hall of Fame inductee. She hosts clinics, webinars, and workshops for coaches, athletes, and teams of all types with the goal of optimizing performance and attaining longevity both in sports and in life.

Lindsay's new book, Better Great Than Never, discusses how to seize your full potential by removing self-imposed limitations. She demonstrates how to embrace every step—good and bad—to find greatness. For Lindsay, life is not about winning. Rather, if you learn throughout your journey, you can never lose.

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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Jack Lingo, REALTOR® has sought to celebrate those individuals working hard to keep our community safe and lead Sussex County to collective recovery. For this reason, our company launched our "Local Heroes" campaign, whereby the public could nominate individuals whom they judged deserving of special recognition during this difficult time. We received many nominations and have been highlighting many local heroes during the past few weeks. Keep reading to learn more about our latest local heroes, Brian & Alyssa Hughes!

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We are excited to announce Jeanmarie Clavier as our February 2021 Featured Agent! We sat down with Jeanmarie to hear all about her experiences at Jack Lingo, REALTOR®. Keep reading to learn more!