Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Jack Lingo, REALTOR® has sought to celebrate those individuals working hard to keep our community safe and lead Sussex County to collective recovery. For this reason, our company launched our "Local Heroes" campaign, whereby the public could nominate individuals whom they judged deserving of special recognition during this difficult time. We received many nominations and have been highlighting many local heroes during the past few weeks. Keep reading to learn more about our latest local hero, Dr. Romina Thomas!

In addition to working her normal hours, Dr. Thomas has tirelessly worked at the Beebe drive-up testing center in Georgetown. She not only tests people for COVID-19 but also provides counseling and reassurance to those who have tested positive. She has shown so much empathy to her patients during this trying time, and we are proud to recognize her as one of our valued local heroes!

We interviewed Dr. Thomas to learn about her experiences working during this difficult time:

What is the biggest challenge you have encountered during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The challenges I have had are those that all others have had, i.e., limiting socialization with older, at-risk family members and worrying about my family’s emotional and physical safety. The saddest thing to see is that patients that are lost to this disease have had to be separated from their families in their last hours. This is hardest for the patients and their families but also hard for the health care workers to witness.

What silver lining have you been able to find during the pandemic?

The pandemic highlights the goodwill of so many in our community. People who volunteer to help and donate their time and skills to others in need is always awesome to watch. I have seen many in the healthcare community and beyond rising to the occasion in these unprecedented times.

Thank you, Dr. Thomas, for the wonderful things you are accomplishing for our community!