Jack Lingo, REALTOR® Carvertise Philadelphia, PA
Jack Lingo, REALTOR® Carvertise rideshare car in Philadelphia, PA

The team at Jack Lingo, REALTOR® is excited to continue its Carvertise advertising partnership for the fourth consecutive year,
and members are certain this year’s campaign will boast significant results.

Last year, the real estate brokerage’s campaign expanded to Lancaster, PA. This year, in addition to relaunching multiple
rideshare cars in Rehoboth Beach, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., the company introduced its brand in Ashburn, VA, and
other surrounding suburbs, such as Tysons Corner and Reston. Home to many residents who commute to D.C., Ashburn has also
been referred to as “the bullseye of America’s internet.”

Jack Lingo, REALTOR® branded cars provide exposure for the family-owned brokerage both in larger metro areas and along
Coastal Delaware. Launching cars throughout the beach communities brought additional local visibility during the busy summer
season and has proven beneficial in promoting the services of the brokerage, such as vacation rentals, sales, commercial services,
and more.

The meteoric rise of Uber, Lyft, and Doordash has created a new class of vehicles that garner high exposure in front of the
brokerage’s target audience. Both locals and visitors get to see the company’s rideshare cars along Route 1 and in downtown
Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, Lewes, and more, assuring them that the brokerage is an active participant in the local
community. In contrast, potential clients in areas outside of Delaware are introduced to the Jack Lingo brand and encouraged
to learn more via online and social media. The cars deliver food to various residents and visitors and provide riders with
transportation to local restaurants, retail stores, events, and other popular destinations. Creative, memorable, and technologically
advanced, Carvertise has redefined out-of-home, and Jack Lingo, REALTOR® is along for the ride.

Bill Lingo, broker of record for Jack Lingo, REALTOR®, said, “We are excited about the continued opportunity with Carvertise for
our fourth year. We take pride in not only spreading the Lingo brand, but using local vendors, and once again we look forward to
seeing what this year’s campaign will do to assist our marketing efforts.”

Jack Lingo REALTOR®’s sleek and memorable wrapped vehicles, which function as moving billboards, otherwise known as transit
advertising, provide an innovative and unique way to advertise the brokerage’s top-tier real estate sales and rental services.
Last year alone, their fleet drove over 74,000 miles and gathered more than 10.9 million views (a 49% increase from 2021).
Community members who see one of the wrapped cars on the road are encouraged to snap a photo and send it to marketing@jacklingo.com.