Equipment Failures

Be aware that cleaning and equipment failures are not considered emergencies. You may leave a message regarding your service request at (302) 227-3883 and it will be handled on the next business day. Please be patient; it is a busy season.


The majority of plumbing service calls are complaints of stopped-up toilets. Please be careful what you put down the toilet. If a stoppage occurs, use a plunger before you call our office for service.


If it's electric and it doesn't work, please make sure it is plugged in, the wall switch is on, and the circuit breaker has not been tripped. If the breaker has been tripped, turn the breakers off and back on.

Air Conditioning

If the air conditioning is not on when you check in, don't expect immediate results. Set the thermostat to 74 degrees, make sure all windows and doors are closed, and give the system time to cool the property down. As the property cools off, you may lower the thermostat, if necessary -- but never below 65 degrees. Turning the thermostat any lower than 65 degrees will cause the unit to freeze up, resulting in a prolonged loss of cooling that will require 24 hours to reset. If after following this procedure, your air conditioning is still not cooling, please call our office for assistance.


When checking into your rental property, remember that the refrigerator is like the one at your home. You cannot load an empty refrigerator with warm food and expect it to become instantly cool. We have found that if you follow the guidelines below, the refrigerator will work properly:

  • Do not turn it up too high. Make sure that the refrigerator and freezer temperatures are set about one number above halfway; they must be balanced to work properly.
  • Do not stuff it full of warm food. For the first 12-18 hours, load only those items that must be refrigerated -- e.g., milk, meat, and frozen items -- and let them get cold.
  • Gradually add soft drinks and other items that do not require immediate refrigeration.
  • Keep the door shut. Constantly opening and closing the door will not allow food to cool. Keep the door shut overnight. If your refrigerator still appears warm after 24 hours, please call us.


Due to fire hazards, please use grills at ground level only. Never use grills on decks or porches. Please clean grills after every use, and fill the propane tank when necessary.